Three courses Today

Laem Chabang with a depleted group only 6 players with a couple of drop outs due to illness, but all in all a pleasant day out on arguably the best golf course in this region. The course itself was spectacular in condition with everything about the place consistant both greens and fairways. Only two place’s were in the prize’s today. We say bon voyage to Jeff North he is away home to Britain for a month to see the family we hope you have a great holiday mate. Taking second place was that man Jeff North with 34 points with Peter Davies taking first place playing to his 16 handicap to score 36 points. There were no two’s.

The second course we played today was Silky Oak with 14 lady players and one man joining them, it was a hard school to be playing in, when 38 points and even 40 points can’t get a mention in despatch’s. The girls scored 9 birdies between them a feat in itself. There were 7 twos coming from Miss May, Miss Sa and Miss Lynn, Miss Yen got two and Miss Phen got two also. Now for the scores these would do the LPGA girls proud, Miss Phen off a handicap of 22 played to a 16 handicap to score 42 points and take 3rd spot, Miss Thip playing off an 18 handicap actually played to an 11 to score a fantastic 43 points take 2nd spot, Miss Yen off 22 also played out of her skin played to a 14 handicap to score 44 points, now that is one hell a round of golf, and to see the ladies in their own air conditioned room with their karaoki machine singing the hearts out is a pleasure to see.

The 3rd course played by the Billabong today was Eastern Star this write up is being kindly written by William Macey and will be on the web page as soon as it is received. A big thank you must go to Tim Knight and Miss Sasicha for looking after the golfers at Eastern Star and Silky Oak

Miss Phen, Miss Yen and Miss Thip

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