St Andrews and Phoenix Gold

The Haven consultants monthly medal has been postponed until the 8th of January so there will be two monthly medals that month. But the Billabong ladies decided to play there medal round at St Andrews 2000 instead of waiting, but the trophy will not be presented until Brian Chapman gets back from having Xmas with his family in England. The course was in great condition according to all reports from the girls that played, some of the greens were a little sandy but all in all it’s worth a go at. The scoring was quite good with Miss Nok taking third place with a net 73, second place went to Miss Koi with a net 70, and taking the Haven Consultants trophy was miss Lak with a great 68 nett. Miss Noodle got the only two of the day.

The mens event today was played at the Phoenix Gold golf resort and as the Thailand masters had just finished you can imagine what shape the course was in just magnificent, and when you see the scores it’s hard to imagine how any professional could shoot 24 under the card but congratulations must go to Jazz the young Thai Professional who did just that. We had 6 groups playing today and we played the Mountain and Lake loops, unfortunately we couldn’t play the Ocean which would have been what the pro’s played, but everyone who did play had a hard time of getting near the pins. There was a count back for all the placings today with Jon Kittleson taking 4th place with 32 points, Jean Louis Goergen was 3rd with the same score and the man who called at 8.30 to see if he could a game and was told we will wait for you mate he was out the night before celebrating the life a lovely lady who was his friend for many years in Hong Kong, and he was still suffering from the drinks, but it didn’t seem to affect his playing ability as a golfer, Glyn Davies took second with 34 points, and George Barrie who is away back to Basra tomorrow took the top spot beating Glyn on a count back also with 34 points. There were only two 2s coming from a spectacular chip in by Captain Cripple and the other went to George Barrie.


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