St Andrew, Green Valley and Phoenix Gold

There were three venues today played by the Billabong golf bar, The Ladies played St Andrews 2000 for the Haven Consultants monthly trophy which was won in a tightly fought contest by Saipin Woollett with a net 75, second place went to Miss Phen with a net 76, and Miss Yen had the only two of the day for the ladies.

The Haven Consultants trophy proudly sponsored by Brian Chapman the CEO of Haven consultants for the men was held at Phoenix Gold and we did play lift clean and place to keep some of the mud off the ball, although it wasn’t needed in some parts of the course. The tales of woe we heard from some of the golfer were really nearly heart breaking if I could putt I could have won by miles but if the flat stick is not working lads that just tough luck I guess. The course was in great condition and it wasn’t the greens that were to blame. A missed putt on the last hole cost Bob StAubin his chance at glory he took 3rd place with a net 76, being beaten by Brian Jacks in a count back also on 76 nett, one shot better and the winner of the Haven Consultants trophy was Stuart Day with a net 75. There was only one two recorded by Bob StAubin.

WE also had a team of players playing Green Valley led by Captain Cottee who does an excellent job looking after the lads. 3rd place today went to Arch Armstrong, 2nd place went to Keith Allen with 33 points and 1st place went to the man of the moment going through a purple patch Eddy Beilby with a fine 39 points, the only two of the day came from Jeff North.

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