Phoenix Gold on a wet day out.

The Billabong scramble held at Phoenix Gold resort, we were kissed by an angel for the weather as when we driving into the golf course it was raining heavy, but after half an hour it had slowed to a drizzle and by the time we teed it had stopped completely only to come back later with a shower or two not really enough to get wet though. We had six groups playing just an easy round of golf, The course was in fantastic condition the little bit of rain we got an the way round helped soften the greens and the fairways up. The scoring wasn’t up to it’s usual standards but all in all a good a day was had by all. Coming in 3rd place were Greig Ritchie, Colin Simpson, Steve Milne and John Seton with a score of 61.8, 2nd spot went to Arch Armstrong, Jeff North, Neil Decker and Chris Hart with 61, they were narrowly beaten by Ben Dobbs, Tim, Ted and Joe with a score of 60.8. Close scores but nobody in the 50s today.

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