Phoenix Gold

A wonderful day for golf at Phoenix Gold golf resort, the day was just spectacular no rain, not too hot and a golf course that ready for the lads and lassies to take it apart, but that didn’t happen as it showed some teeth and restricted the bit hitters. The course was in magnificent condition and it was great to see the number of players enjoying themselves out there today, the place was pretty full and there were golfers arriving all the time great to see. We had 17 players in our group and got around with holdups at all, and as the scoring was pretty good with no 2s recorded we went down to 5th place duely taken by Skip Jefferies with 36 points him being beaten on a count back by Jeff North having 36 points also, Arch Armstrong took 3rd once him being beaten a count by Thiery Petrement both scoring 37 points, and the lady of the moment Miss Nuch took the top prize with a fine 38 points, I must say now the course is starting to get busy its great to see the course full and in great condition

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