Phoenix Gold

Phoenix Gold on a cracker of a day for golf, even though it is starting to get warmer you still get a beautiful breeze when playing the Ocean loop. The course was in fantastic condition although some of the fronts of the greens were a bit wet but that didn’t stop the French connection from getting in the prize’s once again, it is becoming a habit for these lads of late, but in saying that the esteemed President of the PSC was heard to say I know every blade of grass on this course and usually come down to a 23 handicap but go up by the next Saturday because I can’t handle the other course’s we play as well. So to today’s winners coming in 3rd spot was Gerard Lambert with a fine 35 points, 2nd place went to his good friend Thiery Petrement with 36 point’s, the top spot went to El Presidente himself Tim Knight with a fine 38 points. There was only one two coming from Captain Cripple.

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