Phoenix Gold

Phoenix Gold and with no moose in sight I mean the drinking kind only, A drink that the boys love and the only course anywhere that does stock in all drink stops sad but hopefully a minor adjustment will fix this anomally up in due course. The course was in great condition and as dry as a bone so from now on there will be no winter rules applied. With just three groups playing on a deserted course absolutely millionaire golf. The scoring was very good in some cases but not so good in others, Glyn Davies took second spot with a fine 34 points and Brian Chapman came out of the blocks with a great 40 points scoring a mere 17 on the front but a great 23 on the back and scored the only two of the day.

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Phoenix Gold

Phoenix Gold for our Monday outing, the course was once again in great condition although a few of the greens were a bit hairy but still ok to putt on. The weather was hot but after the storm the nigh

Rayong Green Valley

Thank you to Wayne Cotterell once again for looking after the golfers today at Rayong Green Valley, with only a couple of groups the lads got away a little early and just breezed around. The course is

Phoenix Gold

With three groups playing at Phoenix Gold golf course and resort, we got away right on time and although there was heavy cloud about we didn’t get any rain until we finished and that was only a sprink