Phoenix Gold

Phoenix Gold resort in perfect conditions for a game of golf. Playing Mountain and Ocean loops we teed off right on our tee time, the first group started and the second group had to wait for John’s caddy to get out of bed but she eventually turned up and away we went. Although the rain clouds threatened they didn’t eventuate until we were on the way home then the clouds opened up. We all know the traffic on the golf courses is a bit light on at the moment but playing the same course each week, it is a credit to the management and ground staff for the way it is presented to the golfers. Malcolm Adamson got his wish to play with Captain Cripple and I’m sure he will forever regret the day he asked with the cripple staggering around on his gammy leg whilst others are trying to putt, my opologies mate if I wrecked your day out. The scoring was quite good today with Thiery Temime taking the top spot with a fine 37 points, John Seton took second with 35 points and Captain Cripple took third with 34 points. There were no two’s recorded.

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Phoenix Gold.

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