Phoenix Gold

It turned out to be a very hot day at Phoenix today, playing Mountain and Ocean loops, the sweat was like a river down one’s back. The caddies had all the rain covers out but were not needed at all. The clouds threatened but apart from a few spits on the back nine it was just stifling hot. The course was in fantastic condition and the rough was diabolical not only to find your ball but to get it out was an achievement. With just a small group playing we got away right on time and were finished in just under 4 hours. The scoring was not exceptional but only two players managed to score under 30 points no names, Bill Marsden took 3rd place with 34 points on a count back over Thiery Temime who did it the wrong way round 20 points on the front and 14 on the back to the consistant Bill’s 17/17, Sandy Chapo scored 35 points even with the drive on the 17th going way left but it hit something hard and came flying out onto the middle of the fairway, a great trick shot mate. Glyn Davies scored 36 points to take the top spot, this is how he did it, 12 points on the front nine and took the course to pieces on the back to score 24 points, a great nine holes mate well done.

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Phoenix Gold

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Phoenix Gold

With three groups playing at Phoenix Gold golf course and resort, we got away right on time and although there was heavy cloud about we didn’t get any rain until we finished and that was only a sprink