Phoenix today and the course was almost empty, the thinking was is it going to rain again as it did last Friday, it looked like it was for a while but never came to anything. It got a bit hot at times out there but then the breeze showed up and it got quite pleasant. The course was in great condition except the greens were very different from Ocean to the Mountain a little slow on Ocean and quite quick on Mountain just made things a little trickier and it showed in the scoring. We had a gentleman visitor who will go by the name of Peter who showed us all how to do trick shots on the first tee, he lined up his tee shot and with almighty swing hit a tree full on just forward of the tee block and it nearly came all the way back to him, his comment when we finished was you should have seen the next two shots they were worse. However a little frivolity in the game is good for you. There was a count back on 33 points between Sandy Chapo and Lloyd Shuttleworth with Lloyd taking 3rdand Sandy 4th, Gerard Lambert managed to take second spot with 34 points and Dave Bramley took first with 35 points. There were two 2s coming from Gerard Lambert and Steve Dodd. The scoring is always so different when we play the Mountain loop, but it is still a great nine holes of golf.

Dave, Sandy, Gerard and Lloyd


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