Pattana on a windy day

Pattana A and B loops off the yellows today, I guess we will have to get used to the no club house facilities for some time while this pesky virus is around but at least we can still play golf. The course was in great condition with fast greens that didn’t look fast but they were as we all found out after one or two greens later. Drive on carts are not mandatory you can walk the course here but if you do take a cart remember they are not submarines and can definitely not swim, one of our players who shall remain nameless to protect his vanity and so he won’t take any gibes from the players on Friday when he plays the same course, I wish you luck Tim. Now to the scoring There was a count back between Sel Wegner and his good mate Cottee with Cottee relegating Sel to 3rd spot and him taking 2nd both with 34 points, Tony Oakes was the winner today with 35 points.

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