Lake and Ocean

Phoenix Gold was the place to be today with a packed course with 3 three balls out first behind the pack and two 2 balls following it was thought it would be a slow round but not to be, The scribe was in the first group because his caddy had another booking at 12 noon after some discussion she was told we had no chance at all with our 8.32 tee off, but when we got to the tenth the group in front of ones in front of us were having a picnic lunch until one of our guys said get on the tee you lot and they virtually ran with their drinks and eats for the tee. Quite funny I thought, as we were finished and showered in well under 4 hours we were at the bag drop at 12.20 not quite in time for the caddy booking but she did get another bag. The course was in great condition as always, there could be only one criticism and that would be to maybe take a little sand from the fairway bunkers and put it in the bunkers around the greens that said it is still a pleasure to play here. Now it not very often a golfer will take this course apart but today was the exception with Captain Cripple taking 4th place with 38 points which included 3 blobs, there was a count back for 3rd and 2nd between Julie Battersby and Dave Bramley both with 42 points, Julies 21 points on the back nine didn’t match Dave’s 22 so Dave took the count back, Now we get to the winner there must be something said about the practice you must get in the wild sands of Basra because this guy has just got back from his latest shift to score a fantastic 46 points now that equates to 62 nett or 84 gross, a great day out for George Barrie congratulations mate a great score.

Dave, George and Julie

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