Haven Consultants Annual Trophy

The Haven Consultants monthly medal and as usual held at the Rayong Green Valley golf course, CEO Brian Chapman was on hand to not only give out the trophy’s but also to participate in the medal of medal event, with a combined field of 40 players including 18 ladies it turned out to be a great day out for some. The course was in great condition with some very fast greens and even lots of grass on the fairways. The only bug bare was those godamed fruit fly’s you almost needed to putt one handed while the other hand swatted them away. Now it is always a pleasure to hear people enjoying themselves and the Billabong ladies certainly do that, the laughter and fun they had back at the Backyard was almost infectious. Miss Nok took 3rd place today with a net 71, Miss Yen took 2nd place with a net 68 and Miss Thip won the Haven Consultants annual trophy with a net 67.

Now in the men’s division there wasn’t a lot in it also, with Keith Allen taking 3rd place with a net 71, Andrew Woodall took 2nd spot with a net 69 and Wayne Cotterell took the Haven annual trophy with a net 68 that’s a pretty good score as he travelled along with a few other players down from Kabinburi that morning. There were 4 two’s coming from Tom McMahon, Wayne Cotterell, Auke Engelkes and Keith Allen. A very huge thank you to Brian Chapman the CEO of Haven Consultants for his continued sponsorship of this event it is much appreciated by all at the Billabong and is a well sort after trophy.

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