Green Valley for the Haven Consultants Trophy

Haven Consultants monthly medal today at Green valley, and how the rain has improved the course so much. The greens were a little slower than usual but that was the only thing you could possibly have a go at. A very large thank you to Brian Chapman the CEO of Haven Consultants for his generous sponsorship every month for this tournament both from the men and ladies who religiously play it with fierce competition. In the ladies division Miss Tan came 3rd with 74 nett, 2nd went to Miss Porn with a level 72 nett but the lady of the day Miss Sa who shot a gross 82 off her 18 handicap scored 64 nett to take the trophy. There were a few twos coming from MissTa and 2 from Miss Sa.

Now in the men’s division the scores were not so good but the guys are never as good as the ladies scores ever around here. There were no two’s from the men and a lot of hard luck stories were told later at the bar. Tales of one golfer having a 9 on the par four 17th and would have got in the prize’s even with a triple on that hole, another who actually did get in the prize’s had a 10 on a par four so it wasn’t all smiles out there for everyone. Coming in 3rd place today was the stand in Captain Kevin Wild who even though had the 10 came in with a net 79 George I hope you are reading this in Basra mate the big fella has qualified for the annual trophy tournament as both Tony and Auke have already qualified. Tony Oakes took second spot with a fine 71 and the winner who just recently told me he was thinking of giving the game away for a while he was playing that bad I’m glad you didn’t mate Auke Engekles scored a net 68 to take the trophy. I hope you haven’t peaked to early Auke as your in my team for the scramble on Friday.

Miss Sa and Sandy standing in for Brian Chapman

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