Green Valley



How lucky are we here in Thailand? In America temperatures are dropping to 45 degrees below zero, in UK and much of Europe, snow has brought roads to a halt with up to minus 15 degrees and in Australia there are temperatures of 45 degrees or extensive flooding, whilst here in Thailand, we have regular temperature of 30 degrees with no extremes of anything, which makes for a fantastic golfing climate. Today was no exception with a watery sun behind a light cloud cover and a gentle breeze. The ladies, once again, excelled with Miss Sasicha (21) managing to come only 3rd with 38 points mainly down to some pick me up or other and 22 points in the last nine holes. Seven pars in her round contributed to 39 points for Miss Porn (21) but, for her, only 2nd place for Miss Phin (10) had the same score but 10 pars and 1 birdie gave her the advantage with 21 points on the way home. Four golfers all on 34 points for the men but Mark Brosnan (16) came out on top but the countback had to go to the last hole to get the better of William Macey for 4th place. Peter Rooke (10) could only blame his 3rd place on 6 holes with one point on each for a total of 35 points two behind Jeff North (11) who lost his impetus at the turn with a spell of only 2 points in three holes and 2nd place 1 point behind the eventual winner, Mikael Anderson (14) on 38 points. Only three 2s going to Selwyn Wegner, Mark Brosnan and Miss Sasicha.


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