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Whether you are of the opinion that winter officially starts on December 1st or December 21st is influenced by what you read but it is of no consequence in Thailand for the weather varies very little compared to other countries. One benefit of this situation is that we have almost perfect golfing conditions all year round which may be a contributory factor for the high standard of play from the ladies. Three ladies came home with 39 points but it was Miss Sasicha (21) who lost out in 4th with 16 points on the back nine not helped by 2 blobs. Miss Poopay (10) and Miss Kran (22) both had 19 points so it was down to the last 6 holes and, despite a blob, Miss Kran recorded 13 points and edged ahead of Miss Poopay by 1 point. But the consistent Miss Porn (22) had six 3 pointers and three 4 pointers for her 42 points and No. 1 spot. The men, as usual, could not match this performance with only 3 playing, out of 20, to their handicap. Arch Armstrong (10) had four consecutive 1 pointers for 35 points and 4th place 1 behind Sandy Chapo (21) who birdied the last for 4 points for 19 points on the back nine and 36 overall losing out to Mikael Anderson (15) who had 20 on the way home for 2nd place. But the star of the day was Wayne Cotterell (14) who had 8 consecutive pars starting at the 5th hole and 23 points on the outward half. But golf has a way of fighting back and three 1 pointers after the turn disturbed his dream of his best round ever with 20 points and 43 points overall. 2s today went to Jeff North, Arch and Sasicha.

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