Green Valley



The trip along the 36 is becoming more obstructive every trip but it is well worth it for Green Valley is not only in good condition the course is presented beautifully. But, strangely, with the fairways and greens playing well and the weather being perfect with just a gentle breeze, none of the 18 men played to their handicaps. One reason maybe that all the white tees were placed as far back as possible by the ground staff so the length was increased beyond the standard 6,300 yards. Lloyd Shuttleworth (4) and Selwyn Wegner (14) both had 17 points on front and back nines but Selwyn nosed ahead with 14 on the last 6 holes to Lloyd’s 12 thereby occupying 3rd place. Tony Oakes (13) had 4 holes worth 3 points each for 19 points on the front but had too many 1 pointers on the trip home for a total of 35 points, the same number as Wayne Cotterell (13) who blamed the par 5s, unusually for him, for an ordinary day accounting for only 4 points on these holes but the 17 points after the turn was enough the take the top spot. It was certainly a family affair today with Miss Eng Cotterell (16) who had a superb round winning the ladies competition by a fair margin with 8 pars and 1 birdie on her card for 42 points, we will soon have to tie her shoe laces together as an additional handicap. In 2nd place was Miss Porn who had a good day with 38 points but it is difficult to beat 42 points at any time. Miss May (11) was 3rd and could have done better than her 36 points but for 2 blobs on her card. Miss Nu (16) finished 4th with 34 points but she had a 2 on a par three as did Miss Eng and Selwyn Wegner.

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