Green Valley

Rayong Green Valley today for the Haven Consultants monthly medal delayed from january, and the course bared it’s teeth with only 5 golfers out of 6 groups that actually scored better than 80 nett unheard of. We have seen players in this event that Brain Chapman CEO of Haven has sponsored for 6 year’s he was stunned by the results today. The course must have been playing awfully tough for most of the golfers. There was a little shower of rain for a few minutes but that couldn’t be used as an excuse for the high scores. Next week we will be playing a medal for the February trophy. Jeff North scored net 75 to take 3rd place, Sel Wegner was beaten by Auke Engelkes both scoring net 74s but Auke got Sel on a count back. There were two 2s coming from Sel Wegner and Tony Oakes.

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Green Valley

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