Green Valley

Updated: Oct 31

Haven Consultants monthly medal today at Green Valley, and whilst the course is not in the best condition it is still a pleasure to play. We must thank Brian Chapman the CEO of Haven Consultants for his continued support for this event, it is a sought after trophy by all who play for it. There is usually somebody comes out of the woodwork and has a day in the sun and today was no exception, but to the ladies first. Now the girls normally tear this course apart but not today Miss Thip scored a net 73 to take 3rd spot Miss Noodle took 2nd with 72 net and got the only two of the day, but Miss Lynn scored a net 71 to take the Haven Trophy.

In the men’s division Eddy Beilby managed to take 3rd spot being beaten on a count back by his good friend Peter LeNoury both scoring 67 net, and the winner by a country mile Peter Thomas had 85 off the stick off his 22 handicap to have a net 63 a great round of golf mate well done. There were 6 two’s coming from Arch Armstrong, Peter Thomas, Vic Hester, Roger Emery and Leo Satanove got the other 2.


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