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We are half way through November and the much heralded high season has made its’ presence felt with a whimper not the invasion that golf courses are hoping for. The course is in good condition recovering from recent rainfall but one observation to mention here would be that the greens staff might think about changing the position of the holes more often, to areas of each green that remain unexplored by the regular golfers away from that imaginary centre line that they seem concentrate on. Some good scores, not least from the ladies who seem to find Green Valley less than threatening. Miss Sasicha (18) who needed 38 points just to stand on the podium which came from a very steady round with only 1 double bogey on the card. Miss Thip (18) claimed 2nd place with 39 points despite a treble bogey on the 7th hole but the star performer was Miss Nu (15) who had 11 pars on her card, a gross 80 and 1st place with a remarkable 43 points. Kevin Wild (24) had 21 points on the front nine but his performance sagged somewhat after the turn and came 4th with 36 points. William Macey (20) was again knocked from his perch for the 2nd week running by Wayne Cotterell (14) and he can blame the 17th hole which yielded him zero points for coming 3rd two points behind Wayne who had three 3 pointers on the way home for his 21 points and 39 overall. Pat Culloty (24) has just returned from Ireland, made his presence felt with 40 points which came from five 3 pointers and one 4 pointer on the back nine and 1st place. Three 2s today going to Wayne, William and Glynn Davies.


Kevin, Cottee, Pat and William

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