A wet Green Valley

Green Valley in perfect conditions for golf, the course was empty so we got away a little early. The course was a bit soggy as they had a fierce storm the previous afternoon which soaked everything. The Billabong ladies didn’t tear the course up either but they did have a good and colourful day out. Miss Sasicha came 3rd with 34 points, Miss Prae took 2nd with 35 points and Miss Sa took the top spot with 36 points, and Miss Lynn got the only two of the day.

In the men’s event it was a different story, the scoring was exceptionally good with Sel Wegner taking 3rd spot with a fine 38 points after going head to head with one of his playing partners until the final hole then Eddy Beilby took a one point advantage to take 2nd spot with 39 points. Now to the winner who shot a 74 gross nearly 73 with a lip out for birdie on the last hole off his 12 handicap Keith Allen scored 46 stableford points to street the field. Well done mate a day in the sun for sure, and by the way he had 2 two’s also, Sel Wegner got the other two.

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A Wet Green Valley

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