A very hot Green Valley

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

The weather forecast was 30% chance of rain and, fortunately, they were wrong but the humidity seemed to stop the ball going quite as far as usual, or was it just my imagination. The greens did not help your score today for they had been scarified which meant that putting against or across the lines was slow and the ball had to be hit – but greens maintenance is essential so get used to it

Despite the supposed problems, the scores were very good. Miss Am lost her way a little on the last few holes with only 2 points over 3 holes slipping to 4th with 35 points one behind Miss Pin who stepped up a gear on the back nine with 20 points. Miss Kran in 2nd also fell away in the last few holes having only 3 points in 4 holes which might have been the difference to Miss Phen who won the day with 40 points helped by 8 points on two birdie holes. Sandy Chapo had 36 points for 4th place 1 adrift of Auk Engelkes who played well particularly after he had caught a snake on the way to the 11th hole only to see the caddies run as quickly as possible as far away as possible when he offered it to them as a gift . Colin Goon played well for 12 holes being under par for the first 6 holes but three 1 pointers did not help his cause finishing 2nd to his playing partner, Selwyn Wegner who did not drop a shot on the holes 10 to 14 for a final score of 40 points to take the crown. Four 2s today going to the ladies Miss Yao, Miss Jang and two to Miss Phen.


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