A two man scramble for a change

With 64 players playing a two ball scramble at Green Valley, it was kind of hectic for a while but all came together in the end. The ladies teed off first as is usual and the normal banter was heard as the men golfers patiently waited their turn on the tee. The course was in great condition with greens the were freshly mowed just some of the fairways were a little long for some of the oldies like Captain Cripple couldn’t hit the ball hard enough to get to the short grass but it was a great day out for all concerned. The tournament was sponsored by Todd and Nok Givens as a warm up for Nok’s birthday tournament coming up later this year, so the only cost to each player to participate was the entry fee for the competition only, Green fee caddy and cart were paid for by Todd and Nok.. The BBQ and pig on a spit were one of the high lights of the day back at the Billabong and everyone enjoyed the food with relish. The shot of the day went to Neil Williams for his tee shot on the first hole normally people hit the water Neil went one better he nearly hit himself on the head he only just touched the ball with the top of the driver and it dribbled off the tee to lay under the sign a sight to behold but he didn’t lose the ball. In the ladies competition for the first time ever they didn’t give the course the usual hammering with placing’s down to 4th spot which was taken by Jum and On with a net 73.9, 3rd spot went to May and Sasicha with a net 73, 2nd spot went to Thip and Porn with 71.5 and now to the winners the big prize went to the sponsor and her partner Nok Givens and Nid with a net 68.9. In the men’s competition taking 4th spot was the two Peter’s namely Peter Thomas and Peter Nixon with a net 69.1, 3rd place went to Shaun Merriman and Kim Danboise with a net score of 68.8, 2nd place went to Tony Oakes and Steve Mann with 65.8 and the top spot once again went to the sponsor and his partner Todd Givens and Wayne Cotterell scored 62 nett to take that place. Now just to mention all these scores were calculated off 10 percent of the combined handicap just to be different, it just goes to show how well the winners played. Once again a very large thank you to Todd and Nok for their generosity in sponsoring this tournament.

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