A Tough Treasure Hill

It was a formidable task to take the job of beating Treasure Hill today. Now whilst the course itself is in great condition the greens were something else again, when you putt up to the hole and the ball goes just past then promptly does a u turn and comes back past you off the green just a tad frustrating to say the least. With just two groups playing and no holdups it was a pleasant walk or ride stuffed up really. The scoring was as to be expected abysmal with only one player beating 30 points and that must have been a lesson in keeping ones concentration. Peter Rooke was the winner with 32 points there was a count back for the minor placing’s between Sel Wegner and Miss Eng both scoring 28 points with Sel making second spot and having the only two of the day. Maybe we will let the greens get back to normal before we return. There are still some place’s left in Nok’s birthday bash on the 12th February call into the Billabong when we are allowed to open again or give Bob a call on 0822043411.

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